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AC Axial Fan

General Information
Electric motor: Shaded pole AC motor design
Frame: The outside frame of the AC axial fan is made of high quality aluminum alloy
Anticorrosive and moisture-proof impeller: UL94V-0, 70% PBT, +30% FRP
Bearing: Sleeve bearing and ball bearing
Insulation: Class B
Insulation impedance: The case adds 500V DC to the coils, insulation impedance is more than 100MΩ
Dielectric strength: 0.5mA 1500V/AC min
Safety protection: Impedance protection
Operating temperature: -10 ~ +70℃
Storage temperature: -40 ~ +70℃

Ordering Information of the AC Axial Fan
For example
PD 80 S–220 L
Fan size: 80: 80x80x25mm or 80x80x38mm
90: 92x92x25mm
110: 110x110x25mm
120: 120x120x25mm or 120x120x38mm
150: 150x150x51mm, 150x172x51mm or Φ172x51mm
200: 200x200x61mm, Φ220x61mm or Φ230x65mm
Bearing type: S: Sleeve bearing B: ball bearing
Rated voltage and frequency: 110-120V AC, 220-240VAC 50/60HZ
Connection: L: Leadwire T: Terminal

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