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Fan Dust Filter

Fan Dust Filter

General Information
Material: The fan dust filter adopts ABS resin for shell to improve its resistance to flame and ultraviolet ray. In addition, it adopts imported nylon fiber synthetic resin for filter gauze to achieve high filtration efficiency AFI 80%.
Exquisite design: The elegant shell is of ultra-thin design. The ventilator is designed at a 45-degree angle so as to obtain optimum ventilation, waterproof and dustproof effect. The use of a sealing washer at the rear end of the filter gauze further improves product's water-proof performance.
Performance: The fan dust filter ensures great heat dissipation of the controller and precision electronic parts, resulting in longer service life and reduced failure rate.

Technical Parameters of the Fan Dust Filter

Model Dimension (mm) Installation (mm) Effective wind rate Max. wind speed Collection coefficient Temperature range Material Fireproof class Protection grade For fan size (mm)
ZL-803 148.5X148.5 122X122 25.0m3 /min 2.0m /second 88% -10 ℃ ~ +55℃ ABS resin VO,UL94 IP54 120X120
ZL-804 204X204 175X175 50.0m3 /min 2.0m /second 88% -10 ℃ ~ +55℃ ABS resin VO,UL94 IP54 120X120, 150X150, 150X172, Φ172X51
ZL-805 255X255 223X223 80.0m3 /min 2.0m /second 88% -10 ℃ ~ +55℃ ABS resin VO,UL94 IP54 Φ172X51, 150X172, 200X200
ZL-806 320X320 283X283 120.0m3 /min 2.0m /second 88% -10 ℃ ~ +55℃ ABS resin VO,UL94 IP54 Φ172X51, 200X200, Φ230X65

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Mini order amount USD5,000

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