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Changeover Switch

  • SPB Manual Load Isolation SwitchSPB middle operated load isolation switch is mainly suitable for circuits of AC 50Hz, rated voltage to 660V and rated thermal current up to 3150A. The switch is used for infrequent making and breaking circuit, or electric isolation.
    The kind of load isolation switch has 3 poles, 4 poles (3 poles + on and off neural pole)
  • SPC Manual Load Isolation SwitchThe side operated load isolation switch has 3 poles, 4 poles (3 poles + on and off neutral pole).
    Direct operation: the handle is installed on the right side of load isolation switch.
    Operation outside the board: the handle is installed outside the door of distributing board.
  • SPL Manual Changeover SwitchTwo sets of auxiliary contacts can be assembled according to the demand.
    Bridging bars can be provided to connect the inlet or outlet terminal of the switch.
    Note: if the bridging bars connection is chosen, an explanation is needed to indicate the inlet or outlet connected with it.
  • SAD Automatic Change Over SwitchDistinct on and off position indicator, padlock function etc.
    The automatic change over switch offers high automation, high reliability and long life time (8000 times).
    The use of international advanced logic control technique enables the switch to realize anti-interference performance.

The changeover switch is a type of switch which is widely used in the distribution system and automation system of architecture, electrical power, petrochemical and other industries.

The changeover switch adopts a shell made using glass fiber-reinforced unsaturated polyester resin, so it offers the advantages of high dielectric performance, protective capability and safe operation. The operating mechanism is an acceleration mechanism featuring spring energy storage and instant release, which realizes rapid making and breaking of the double breakpoint contact. Operations inside and outside the board, as well as operations in the middle and side are available.

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