Axial Fan, Cam Switch, Panel Meter Manufacturer in China
Axial Fan, Cam Switch and Panel Meter Manufacturer in China

A specialized manufacturer of our axial fan, cam switch, and panel meter in China, Leyi Electric Company provides an extensive line of products, including our AC axial fan, waterproof cam switch, padlock switch, analog panel meter and digital panel meter for customers to choose from. We also offer related products, such as a change over switch, push button switch, LED indicator, electric wire, and more. With our vast range of electrical products, we are confident that we can satisfy every customer's needs.

  • AC Axial Fan
  • 120X120X38mm AC Axial FanModel: PD120S-110, PD120S-110, PD120S-220, PD120S-220, PD120S-380, PD120S-380
    Voltage (AC):115, 115, 230, 230, 380, 380
  • AC Axial Fan
  • 150X172X51mm AC Axial FanModel: PD150B-110, PD150B-110, PD150B-220, PD150B-220, PD150B-380
    Voltage (AC) : 115, 115, 230, 230, 380
  • Fan Dust Filter
  • ZL-803 Fan Dust FilterExquisite design: The elegant shell is of ultra-thin design. The ventilator is designed at a 45-degree angle so as to obtain optimum ventilation ....
  • Ammeter Switch
  • Ammeter SwitchThe ammeter cam switch is designed to measure the current flowing through each phase, and it is mainly used in combination with ammeter and current transformer.
  • Change Over Switch
  • Change Over SwitchChange Over Switch Type: SA16-A-B, SA25-A-B, SA32-A-B, SA63-A-B, SA125-A-B, SA160-A-B
    Current: 16A, 25A, 32A, 63A, 125A, 160A
  • Change Over Switch
  • Change Over SwitchChange Over Switch Type: SAB16-A-B, SAB25-A-B, SAB32-A-B, SAB63-A-B, SAB125-A-B, SAB160-A-B
    Current: 16A, 25A, 32A, 50A, 75A
  • SPL Manual Changeover Switch
  • SPL Manual Changeover SwitchSPL-40A~3150A on load changeover switch is mainly suitable for circuits of AC 50Hz, rated voltage to 690VAC, DC rated voltage up to 440VDC, rated ...
  • Analog Ammeter
  • Analog AmmeterThe case of analog ammeter is made using non-combustible plastic material.
    Fastening: by means of nuts, side by side ...
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Digital MultimeterAC voltage 600V It must be connected by a suitable potential transformer if the voltage is more than 600V.
  • Flush Push Button Switch
  • Flush Push Button SwitchThe flush Push Button Switch usually consists of a normally open (NO) contact, a normally closed (NC) contact, or a NO and NC contact.
  • LED Indicator
  • LED IndicatorPower frequency withstand voltage: 2.5kv/1min (effective AC value)
    Insulation resistance: ≥2MΩ
  • High Temperature Wire
  • High Temperature WireUse: electrical source wiring for household appliances, lamps, lanterns and electric machinery and others where there is high operating ...

Our electrical products come in a wide variety of specifications and are used in countless applications. Popular for their small size, easy installation, low noise and long service life, our axial fans are widely used in the automatic control device, electronic equipment, medical equipment, computers, power supplies, packaging machines and CNC equipment for ventilation and heat dissipation purposes. Our fan filter can be used as an inlet of low-temperature clean air as well as an outlet of hot air, and the non-woven fiber filter pad inside prevents moisture and dust from collecting. Our cam switches are ideally suited for applications where electric circuits, instrumentation and electric motors are involved. Our changeover switches are typically found in the distribution systems and automation systems of architecture, electrical power, petrochemical, and other industries.

At Salzer, we give great attention to quality, which is the key to our success. For example, we only purchase raw materials from reliable suppliers, and we thoroughly inspect them before they are admitted for use in making our axial fans, cam switches and panel meters. To ensure our facilities operate at peak efficiency, our technicians perform regular maintenance to all punches, argon arc welding machines, plastic injection machines, frequency testers, and other equipment. Ongoing staff trainings ensure higher competence and efficiency. Additionally, QC personnel perform a final quality inspection of products prior to shipment to ensure only qualified AC axial fan, cam switch, panel meter, LED indicator and electric wire reach to our customers. Our quality products are all CE and TUV certified, which translates into peace of mind for our global customers.

Our company is located in Yueqing City, an area of heavy production of low voltage electrical equipment. Easy access to abundant resources reduces our production costs, and our proximity to the Ningbo and Shanghai ports enables us to make quick deliveries at reduced shipping costs. As a result, we are able to satisfy customers with our quality and economical axial fan, cam switch and panel meter at extremely economical prices.

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