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  • Flush Push Button SwitchThe flush Push Button Switch usually consists of a normally open (NO) contact, a normally closed (NC) contact, or a NO and NC contact.
    In order to make the user clearly know the function of each button and thus avoid misoperation, usually the push button ...
  • Protruding Button SwitchXB4 Type Protruding Button Switch: XB4-BL21 NO BLACK, XB4-BL31 NO GREEN, XB4-BL42 NC RED, XB4-BL51 NO YELLOW, XB4-BL61 NO BLUE
    XB5 Type Protruding Button Switch: XB5-AL21 NO BLACK, XB5-AL31 NO GREEN, XB5-AL42 NC RED ...
  • Selector SwitchXB4 Type Selector Switch: XB4-BD21 NO 2-position locked, XB4-BD25 NO+NC 2-position locked, XB4-BD33 NO+NO 3-position locked, XB4-BD41 NO 2-position reset, XB4-BD45 NO+NC 2-position reset ,XB4-BD53 NO+NO 3-position reset, XB4-BJ21 NO 2-position locked, XB4-BJ25 NO+NC 2-position locked, XB4-BJ33 NO+NO 3-position locked ...
  • Selector Switch with LED LampXB4-BK1235 NO+NC GREEN 2-position locked, XB4-BK1235 NO+NC RED 2-position locked, XB4-BK1255 NO+NC YELLOW 2-position locked, XB4-BK1265 NO+NC BLUE 2-position locked, XB4-BK1335 NO+NC GREEN 3-position locked, XB4-BK1335 NO+NC RED 3-position locked, XB4-BK1355 NO+NC YELLOW 3-position locked ...
  • Selector Switch with KeyXB4 Type Selector Switch with Key: XB4-BG21 NO 2-position manual-return, XB4-BG25 NO+NC 2-position manual-return, XB4-BG33 NO+NO 3-position manual-return, XB4-BG61 NO 2-position self-return, XB4-BG65 NO+NC 2-position self-return, XB4-BG73 NO+NO 3-position self-return
  • Button Switch with LED LightXB5 Type Button Switch with LED Light: XB5-AW33B5 NO+NC GREEN 24V, XB5-AW34B5 NO+NC RED 24V, XB5-AW35B5 NO+NC YELLOW 24V, XB5-AW36B5 NO+NC BLUE 24V, XB5-AW37B5 NO+NC TRANSPARENT 24V, XB5-AW33G5 NO+NC GREEN 48-120V, XB5-AW34G5 NO+NC RED 48-120V, XB5-AW35G5 NO+NC YELLOW 48-120V ...
  • Double Button SwitchXB5 Type Double Button Switch: Without LED, XB5-AL8325 NO+NC RED+GREEN, XB5-AL8425 NO+NC RED+GREEN With LED, XB5-AW8365 NO+NC RED+GREEN, XB5-AW8465 NO+NC RED+GREEN
  • Mushroom Head Button SwitchSpring Return Button Switch; Release Button Switch; Push Pull Button Switch; Manual Return Button Switch with Key
  • Φ16mm LED IndicatorPlease give great attention to the specification, anti-interference (40V) and anti-surge.
    The material for body of Φ16mm LED indicator lamp is fire-retardant reinforced nylon.
    The material of lamp cover is polycarbonate plastics, attractive in shape, bright in color, excellent in cushion effect.
  • Φ22mm LED IndicatorColor: the LED indicator lamps are available in red, green, yellow, blue and white.
    The Φ22mm LED indicator has CE Certificate
    GB14048.5 IEC945-5-1
  • Analog Panel MeterAn analog panel meter is a type of panel meter which drives the needle to move based on the electromechanical principle and the position where the pointer stops shows the measured value. Generally, the analog panel meter includes analog ammeter, analog voltmeter, analog frequency meter, analog power factor meter and analog power meter.
  • Digital Panel Meter A digital panel meter is widely used in electric power grid and automation control systems for measuring and displaying electrical parameters such as current, voltage, power, frequency and power factor. Having the advantages of high accuracy, great stability and vibration resistance, the digital panel meter is increasingly used to replace traditional ...
  • Industrial plug and socket Industrial Plug, Sockets and Connectors are constructed for extreme operating conditions. They are of easy installation, long life and high reliability. They are widely used since many years ago in the machine industry, crane industry ,construction industry, trains, cars and so on.
  • Fuse linksThis series of fuse links is mainly used in AC 50Hz, rated voltage up to 1140V, rated current up to 1250A and for protecting electric equipment from overload and short-circuit. It can reliably break the min. fusion current to any current within 120KA. It is also available for the protection of semiconductor parts and equipments ...
  • Fuse Bases This series of fuse bases are used in AC 50Hz, rated voltage up to 690V, rated current up to 1250A and is equipped with fuses for protecting from overload and short-circuit in electric circuit.
  • Thermoplastic Insulated Wire (THHN/THWN)It indicates a single conductor having flame-retardant and heat-resistant thermoplastic insulation with a jacket of extruded nylon or equivalent material.
    The rated operating temperature of the thermoplastic-insulated wire is 90℃ dry only.
  • High Temperature WireUse: electrical source wiring for household appliances, lamps, lanterns and electric machinery and others where there is high operating temperature.
    Conductor material: stranded tin plated copper

As an experienced manufacturer of axial fan, cam switch and panel meter, we at Salzer offer a wide line of AC axial fan, AC out rotor motor fan, waterproof cam switch, padlock switch, analog panel meter and digital panel meter for customers to choose from. In addition, we also offer change over switch, push button switch, LED indicator, electric wire and other products. With our vast range of products, we are confident we can satisfy each customer's requirements.

With years of experience in the electrical industry, we at Salzer know the importance of product quality. Therefore, we purchase raw materials from reliable suppliers, perform regular maintenance on our processing equipment, and manufacture our products in strict accordance with standards and drawing requirements. Additionally, our QC personnel will perform a final quality inspection of our axial fan, cam switch and panel meter prior to shipment to ensure only qualified product reach our customers. As a result of our efforts, our products are high quality, and are CE, UL and TUV certified.

If you have a need for any of our axial fan, cam switch, panel meter or other products, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.